Please excuse any distortions in video quality.

Hi, I am Seema Dasani. Welcome to this website. I guess the best way to describe what I do is that I facilitate and guide people along on their own journey of personal transformation through knowing how to truly nourish themselves, outside in and inside out.

To me, transformation is about recognizing and maybe eventually unlearning all the conditioned responses we developed as ways to cope with our lives as well as taking the blinders off between who we think we are and who we really are. It’s about being honest with ourselves and see what and how we are numbing the pain in our lives and understand the source of that pain. It’s about willing to not numb anymore and face what comes up for us with love and acceptance. It’s about activating a remembrance of who we really are – our real essence so that we can live life from that place. Once we can feel our essence and allow our essence to shine, life becomes magical because the world starts to mirror back to us experiences based on our magnificent essence. Life works, feels fluid and joyful.

Now, transformation is not a one-shot deal. For me, it’s been an ongoing process of knowing myself and not knowing myself. It’s almost like a spiral of knowing and not knowing. In the knowing stage, life is total bliss and everything in life feels joyful and flows. It’s like standing in front of bright sunlight and being overjoyed. In the not-knowing part of the spiral which some have called the ‘dark night of the soul’ and which I call an ‘eclipse’, that’s the time where the deep inner work happens to allow layers which block ourselves from our real essence to shed and be released, if we allow for it to happen. The work of transformation, as it gets deeper, can get more and more painful because it is about bringing light to the deeply suppressed pains and hurts in our unconscious mind. Unless we experience the full range of emotions and inner states we have suppressed through courage, love and acceptance, we cannot see ourselves for who we really are.

The way I approach this journey has been affirming my core desire which is that of knowing my true self and living from that place to the benefit of all concerned. That is a deep intention from my heart that I put out into the universe. Then, as I have been guided on what to do to fulfill my desire, I act on the guidance given and then shift into trusting the guidance I have been given while surrendering my timeline or wanting the guidance or outcome to look a certain way. Trusting and letting go have been some of the greatest lessons I have had to learn on this journey.

In the video on this page I talk about the three general stages of transformation I see, having also experienced it first-hand. The first is almost like a lack of awareness that everything that is happening is part of our transformational journey, to get us back to knowing who we really are. I had spent much of life there until I was about 33. There, we focus on everything that is happening outside of us as happening TO us rather than happening FOR us.

Process of transformation can be extremely painful because before we can transform, we have to once again recognize and release all the emotions and feelings we may have ‘locked away’ because it was not safe to feel them, perhaps as a child. It’s about integrating all experiences in our lives, not shutting off any part of ourselves. This can bring up many old memories that we just parked away in our psyche, but without allowing true healing to occur. True healing often requires us to become aware and feel certain feelings we were once afraid to feel. Yet, unless we are willing to feel and release them as they come up for us, it is very hard to get to the other side of the painful suppression which is a deep sense of knowing our true self.

When faced with the pain of our circumstances, it is sometimes difficult to see that even when we are not aware, we are still transforming. Yet, when we are not aware, we keep resisting the forces of transformation and in effect, we block our natural inclination to transform. We can fall into victim mode and can become fearful, angry, hopeless, anxious, depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, sad, hurt, etc.

Some people can stay in victim mode their whole lives and blame everything that is going on in their lives as the world’s fault. There are some people who at some point realize that they can have some control over what happens in their world. In that case, they start looking to outside tools and techniques such as food and mind training which is really in vogue these days. The feeling is ‘I am not a victim, I am powerful and I will use my mind to co-create a reality (with Source) that suits me’. I actually did that in this stage of transformation. I would use affirmations, focus on eating right and be diligent about changing my reality by changing the way I ate and thought. Having been a very cerebral person for much of my life, I was comfortable with this first step. And my life did change. I felt much better when I ate better and tapping into the power of the mind piece was very powerful.

But after doing this for a while, I felt a growing resistance inside of me. As I developed physical and emotional stamina from eating and thinking right, trapped psychic energy and emotions now wanted to make themselves known to me as indication that it was time to ‘do the work’. I at first denied them and felt that I was not doing the ‘control the mind’ piece well enough if deep-seated feelings were coming up so strongly.

When I finally stopped resisting or denying the wave of pain and emotions, I began to immediately soften into myself. And the process of opening, softening and allowing is what allowed for deep blocks to heal. This level cannot be controlled by how we use the mind. It is a healing that we invite into our lives when we are ready to make our core desire one of truly knowing who we are and doing the necessary ‘work’ that then becomes guided to us for that to happen.

And we allow for the process of transformation to unfold within us, without trying to control it somehow, then all kinds of experiences can happen and the best thing we can do is to continue to accept, allow and trust that all events are unfolding for our highest good and to return us to our true selves. And when we get glimpses of our true selves, it’s as if Source is almost magnetized to us with all the feelings of love, grace, peace, joy, etc. When we know true selves, it’s like tasting Divinity where nothing is lacking and we feel full. And our outer life mirrors that.

Probably the most significant thing I have learned on this journey is that ‘Our outer reality is a complete reflection of our inner reality’. If we can once again rediscover our true selves which means to get in touch with out magnificent essence and divinity, our outer life mirrors that. And wouldn’t that be a great place to live?